Is Radon Doing This To Your Lungs?
Is Radon Doing This To Your Lungs?

Did you know that lung cancer kills several thousand people every year and that exposure to radon is the second biggest factor that creates lung cancer? Radon is a type of gas that occurs naturally in the environment, but it can also be deadly if you come into contact with it. The problem with radon is that it is incredibly difficult to sense.

Are Radon Levels Increasing in Des Moines IA?

Iowa is a state with extremely high levels of indoor radon, and the issue is getting discussed more and more everyday. Is that because levels are on the rise or because the issue is becoming more well known. We contacted one of Iowa’s leading radon testing and mitigation companies¬† to see if they had any information on the growing concern in the area. They replied that they since they haven’t conducted any controlled test themselves they couldn’t say definitively one way or the other. Their opinion is that people are more of the aware of the issue now and thus more likely to test for radon in their homes, making it seem like the risk is growing.

How Do You Know if You Are Being Exposed to Radon?

It is invisible to the naked eye and it has zero scent. So how do you detect it? The way to detect radon is through alarms and testing procedures. This is why it is so critical to get radon testing in your workplace or a residential property in order to potentially save several lives.

Consider These Advantages of Radon Testing

Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting radon testing is that you will never know that you have come in contact with it otherwise unless you contract cancer. So the best preventative method of all is to never come in contact with radon! Whether you get alarms installed in a building or have a building tested for radon before moving in, you are doing your due diligence in the construction inspection process and put your best foot forward to avoid liability and protect health.

How Long Will Testing Take?

One of the most common ways to test for radon is to leave a test in the atmosphere of the building for a certain number of days. This varies depending on the test, but you can typically expect for the test to sit unaffected inside of the building for anywhere between two days and 90 days. These tests do not cost much money and are an incredible investment if you want to be sure that your building has not been exposed to radon.

What about radon alarms?

These alarm systems are also an incredible investment, similar to investing in carbon monoxide alarms. Like carbon monoxide, you cannot smell or see radon, so one of the only ways to know it is present is to have an alarm installed inside. Depending on the kind of model and brand you want, these alarms would not even cost you that much money. It is not atypical to purchase a quality radon testing alarm for approximately $100. Make sure that you always get the alarm checked and calibrated from professionals and keep it stocked with plenty of batteries.

You can also do your due diligence in this regard by having a professional come out to your property no less than one time per year. These professionals will be able to come in for a quick and speedy test that will leave your building and peace of mind intact.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you understand a little bit about radon, be sure that you take advantage of these principles and use them in order to remain healthy and free of this cancer-causing agent in any building that you own. For further reading learn more about the dangers of radon exposure.

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Learn How to Get a Job As a Train Conductor

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